Providing loads of Salvage Opportunities

Over 30 years of experience

We have the sources to keep the opportunities coming

Benedict Company offers you a huge variety of products and materials

Usable goods and materials

One company's loss is another's opportunity!

Benedict Company makes products and materials available at your winning bid price 

Are you looking to save?

Buying usable salvage helps the bottom line!

You can pick up some great value on usable salvage products and materials

Tons of salvage products and materials to be purchased at your bid price!

What our buyers say:

The Benedict Company is honest, ethical, and detail oriented in their offerings they bring to the market.  If we have a question about a salvage sale, we can rely on The Benedict Company can fully vet important details so we know exactly what we are getting.  We have enjoyed working with them in the past and look forward to future business.

David, Plastics broker

I have worked with the Benedict Company on several deals over the past few months.  Every time I have found them to be extremely professional.  Whenever questions arose, they were answered quickly and to the point.  The descriptions given of the goods I purchased were honest and fair, and all the transactions were smooth and effortless.  This is a great company to work with.

Michael, Paper Broker

I appreciate the very accurate information and prompt service! It has been a pleasure working with you and your company!

Alan, Metals Broker
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